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Aquarium Specialist

It is our goal to build a company with a resounding emphasis on quality, integrity and
honesty. We believe that success is defined
not by what others expect of us, but what we
expect of ourselves, and we settle for nothing
short of excellence. The Pet Shack has
developed a reputation of integrity, excellence
and a dedication to have top quality Fish &
Coral. That reputation, combined with
affordability, creates a model for value and
customer satisfaction. You can be assured
that we will make certain that all questions
and concerns are addressed. The Pet Shack
transforms the process of buying your
aquarium needs a personal experience, where
you will receive both the individual attention
you deserve and the quality of service that you
expect. It is attributes like these that have
proven that The Pet Shack has not lost sight
of the personal side of retail sales, which
makes us stand apart from other aquarium
stores. With many fish and corals to choose
from, you can be assured that you will find
one that meets your desire. The Pet Shack Family is confident that you will be pleased with
your decision to purchase from us and we
look forward to serving you and your loved
ones in the future.

Carmine Sesa
Christina Sesa
Rob Schwadel
Rebecca Russell (Sesa)
Linda Sesa